Thursday, May 20, 2010

Jesuit Educated L@sbian Theology Professor Mary E. Hunt And The Horrors At Marquette University

As an alum of Marquette (Arts, ’72) and an equally out lesbian with similar specialties—albeit a theologian rather than a sociologist—I am more than a casual observer of the situation. I am not acquainted with Dr. O’Brien though this travesty has brought her work to my screen. I have shared my views with President Wild. This is a complicated and disheartening situation, a cautionary tale all around, and the integrity of Catholic higher education hangs in the balance..........According to reports Dr. Obrien accepted the offer and went to Milwaukee where the university hospitably deputized a faculty member to help her find housing. 
She was not an unknown quantity. In fact, she is a tenured professor at Seattle University (likewise a Jesuit school) where she chairs the Anthropology, Sociology and Social Work Department. To add to her Jesuit bona fides, she held the Louis B. Gaffney Endowed Chair (2007—2009), a rotating endowed chair for professors who connect the mission of the Society of Jesus with the academic life of the campus and the larger community. 
Sounds like the real McCoy to me, sort of the type who would be named to Alpha Sigma Nu, the Jesuit honor society of which I am a member. But wait, she wrote about lesbians and she is one. Horrors!
Link (here) to the full opinion piece by self-described l@sbian theology professor Mary Hunt.  

Mary Hunt (pictured) received the Masters in Divinity degree from the Jesuit School of Theology at Berkeley and the Masters in Theological Studies from Harvard Divinity School. Her undergraduate degree in Theology and Philosophy is from Marquette University.


Warrior Dad said...

As the father of an incoming freshman at Marquette, I applaud Fr. Wild for vetoing the hiring of Jodi O'Brien to head the College of Arts and Sciences.

I realize this makes me out to be a crazed, reactionary, right-wing, George Bush-loving Glenn Beck-ite. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Like most Americans these days, I have no interest in oppressing, discriminating against, or being hurtful toward homosexual people simply because of their sexual identities.

But Marquette is a Catholic school in a conservative Midwestern town. Mary Hunt acts as if Jodi O'Brien has a right to the job in spite of the fact that to have her there would go against Marquette's core identity. Hunt also contends that by not hiring O'Brien Marquette is relegating itself to second-class citizenship in the "Academy." Let me tell you something, Mary: The Academy is inward-looking, self-obsessed, and divorced from the realities of everyday life and culture. The Academy these days is on the fringe not part of the mainstream culture. No one other than the extremists will think any less of Marquette for not hiring O'Brien.

Marquette will do just fine with an Arts and Sciences dean whose goal is to promulgate the great ideas of the world - and not to spread the dogma that gay marriage is prima facia a good thing (even though it has been rejected in most of the world's cultures for eons) and that abortion is no big deal.

Frankly, if I'd have wanted my child to go to a college where gender or "queer" studies was a predominant aspect of the academic curriculum and student culture, I'd have sent her to Oberlin.

Joseph Fromm said...

Warrior Dad,

"I realize this makes me out to be a crazed, reactionary, right-wing, George Bush-loving Glenn Beck-ite"

Amen Brother!