Tuesday, May 25, 2010

New York City Jesuit Parish Lay Group Celebrating Stonewall G@y Riots Anniversary

These four announcements are from the parish website of St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church in NYC May 23rd, 2010

Pride Potluck Friday,
June 11 at 7:00 PM ~ 9:00 PM West Room. Let’s dish! Catholic L@sbians and G@y Catholics will be sharing favorite entrées, desserts and beverages in celebration of the 41st anniversary of Stonewall. Please contact SFXWomen@aol.com or SFXGCGroup@gmail.com or (917) 297-6804 to let us know what you’ll be bringing

Catholic L@sbian Group

Practicing Catholics and non-practicing, the religious and not-so-religious—all are welcome. Our mission is to provide a safe place for g@y women to come together and discuss issues related to spirituality, identity and community. Led and organized by parishioners, we have been meeting at the Church of St. Francis Xavier for more than twelve years on the second Friday of every month at 55 W. 15th St., West Room, second floor.

G@y Catholics

Men meet monthly on the first and third Fridays in a welcoming, affirming environment to address g@y Catholic life and how best to live authentically our commitment to the Gospel.
Regular meetings are held in the Mary Chapel at 7PM. Please enter at 55 W. 15th Street.

Zen Meditation Group

Meets every Monday at 7 pm. Newcomers are welcome. Introductory instruction available.
Contact Peggy & Paul Schubert at 212-260-2486 or schubertnyc@gmail.com
Link (here) to the announcements from Church of St. Francis Xavier in NYC


Maria said...

"...how best to live authentically our commitment to the Gospel".

Has anyone considered starting with the Ten Commandments? Oh, right. Why bother. I keep forgetting. They are superfluous. Right, we make up the Gospel because, guess what? WE are now GOD. God protect my Faith. Call me small minded and provincial, but THIS is the ENEMY at work.

If St.Ignatius were to return to us, I suspect he would die of sorrow,and not survive twenty-four hours upon witnessing the spiritual decadence of the Society. I suspect it would break his heart. It breaks mine. I am reminded of what Walker Percy once said: one has to cultivate a sense of horror...

Maria said...

Men meet monthly on the first and third Fridays in a welcoming, affirming environment to address g@y Catholic life

Affirming alright. Affirming others in sin. Whoops. I forgot. It is not sin anymore.

Viator Catholicus said...

Meanwhile, the dissenter, Kerry Kennedy, will be spealing in the MAIN CHURCH on June 2nd.

Jamie said...

None of these groups are promoting homosexual CONDUCT - they are celebrating who they are. Therefore there is no sin involved. Maria and others miss the point.

Anonymous said...

Celebrating who they are?
Au contraire, they are celebrating as small part of themselves and making it a whole.
Apparently, being "gay" trumps every other aspect of life for these people.
But, what is "gayness" but an abberration. Whether by nature or nuture, it is patently a disordered proclivity to fruitless and mastubatory sexual activity. That is definitely not something to celebrate nor to build one's identity upon!
Anyone with that proclivity deserves respect as a human being and sympathy, but not encouragement to be proud of their malady.
Afterall, we don't encourage alcoholics to celebrate their genetic proclivity to alcoholism, do we?