Friday, May 28, 2010

Save Your Money

[Controversial Fordham theology professor Terrence] Tilley (pictured) is publishing Faith: What It Is and What It Isn’t (Orbis Books, 2010) in the fall. The book, his tenth, is a textbook that he hopes better addresses tensions between religious thought and scientific and historical inquiry. The book begins with an exploration of what faith is not, because Tilley said that the first thing professors must do is teach young collegians to “unlearn” their beliefs.  
“They tend to arrive with very strong opinions that are often wrong. They equate faith with fundamentalism, or they equate it with emotion, or they think that there isn’t anything to reason or think critically about when talking about faith,” 
he said. “Many of them believe that religion is bogus or they believe that their religion is the true one, for sure, no matter what, and it’s exactly what Jesus taught. All of that needs to be taken apart before you can do something constructive.”
Link (here) to the Fordham press release.

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