Wednesday, May 19, 2010

How In Heaven

Marquette University has seen much controversy erupt over its retraction of a job offer last week to sociologist Jodi O'Brien over her sexually explicit writings. But according to Christopher Wolfe, emeritus professor at Marquette University and director of Thomas International Center, the uproar has been over the wrong thing.
"The question that should be asked is not why Marquette President Father Robert A. Wild backed off the hiring," Wolfe writes, "but how in heaven did the hiring ever occur in the first place?" 
In a May 10 column for the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, Wolfe points out that O'Brien's writings included an article "which alternated turgid post-modernist prose with imaginative lesbian sex vignettes and dialogue, including gender-bending and domination."

The graphic imagery, as reported, was the reason Marquette University president Fr. Robert Wild cited for withdrawing the offer to O'Brien to become dean of the Marquette College of Arts and Sciences. 
Milwaukee Archbishop Jerome Listecki (pictured) reportedly influenced the final decision, which sparked a furor on Marquette's campus
from advocates claiming discrimination against O'Brien because she is openly l@sbian.

But the problem with O'Brien's position, Wolfe continues, runs deeper than her vulgarity. 

Link (here) to the full Lifesite article by James Tillman

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