Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Man Of The Shroud And Fr. Filas, S.J.

One of the most controversial ongoing issues in Shroud research has been what the object (if any) is over the ana­tomical right eye of the Man of the Shroud. If it is a coin, as many have contended, many questions and objections arise: how can it be identified; what is the nature of the formation process; why would a coin be placed over the eyes of a dead Jew; when was it first noticed; what scientific studies have been done; if it is an image of an identifiable coin, what are the implications for better understanding the nature and the mystery of the Shroud? 
While the studies on the coin image are not new, most have not seen a comprehensive presentation of the issue, or some important photographs obtained by the late Fr. Francis "Frank" Filas, S.J. and which we will show. Filas originally noted the appearance of the image on high grade enhanced positive and negative photographs which he had made from first generation copies of the original 1931 Enrie negatives. Some studies led Filas to believe that there is an identifi­able image of a Pontius Pilate lepton (prutah or “widow’s mite”) coin over the right eye.
Link (here) to the full article at Ohio hroud Conference.

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