Monday, October 26, 2009

When a Jesuit Brakes The Vow Of Celebacy

The great taboo subject of the Catholic Church.

Commissioner Thiel, a "heathen child" emerges, a sacred into the world of denial and silence, learns about the plight of all those involved - from adultery and secret family ties is the issue: the plight of the priests who violate the celibacy of women concealed and children.

And there are more than you think, estimate concerned initiatives that exist in Germany from 3000 to 5000 concealed from God's children. But few party dare to break her silence.

• The Jesuit's wife: "The Jesuit Order prevented contact"
Wiltrud Weber has since 6 October before the institution of the Jesuit Order of St. Georgen in Frankfurt has started a hunger strike, wants to accept the "blatant injustice to children is no longer a priest." David Weber's father is now deceased Australian Jesuit (23 Feb 1968 to 15 Feb 1973) Provincial Francis Peter Kelly.
The order had prevented the contact between the father and his family, even then, when he was already eliminated from the Order, says the translator. Wiltrud Weber wants the Jesuits to make restitution: "The children of Catholic Priests, with consequences well into adulthood, a group suffer discrimination in our society. You have a fundamental human and civil rights as the contact with one's own Father, maintenance and inheritance withheld. This needs to change."

Link (here) to the original article in German you will have to use a translator.


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