Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Jesuit On Ignatian Speak And Proper Conclusions

Below is testimony on Ignatius of Loyola by Louis Da Câmara Conçalves S. J. met Ignatius in Rome. He has long lived with Ignatius in Rome. In his Memoirs he describes how concrete Ignatius lived and worked. The following quote is about the art of conversation.
Justify Full
February 26, 1555

The Father speaks thus: he limited himself to mention the cases, in very few words. He does not comment on things. He confined himself to telling.Thus he gives the opportunity to those who listen to him to think for themselves and to decide to withdraw from the premises, thus convincing him admirably, without any preference for one or the other to show. He limits himself to an easy way to tell.

His art consists in that it touches all the key points that can convince him and all ancillary leave aside, as he deemed appropriate. His conversational style is associated with such divine gifts it really difficult to describe.

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