Saturday, October 24, 2009

Fairfield Spokeswoman On Doug Perlitz

Doug Perlitz is currently being held in a prison in Rhode Island and Judge Joan Margolis has asked for $5 million in bond. His attorneys asked that the hearing be delayed from this week to next in order to raise that money.
The SNAP survivors are asking that Perlitz be held without bond, for fear that he will flee the country, or intimidate witnesses. "He should not be out on bail. This is a compulsive behavior," said Howard of child molestation.
The University issued a response to the SNAP network and their insistence that the allegations against O'Brien and Perlitz must be considered credible.
"It seems it would be prudent for us all to remember that in our system of law, one is considered innocent until proven guilty. We are all aware that right now the Doug Perlitz case is working its way through our justice system, as it should,"
said a statement issued by Rama Sudhaker, Vice President for Marketing and Communication for Fairfield University.
"At the same time, as an institution of higher education, we respect the right to the peaceful and free exchange of ideas. We certainly join with all parties who have an interest in the well-being of all children, including, of course, the Haitian children,"
continued Sudhaker, adding that there will be a review of campus support for charitable organizations and a forum will be held on campus to discuss the university's mission as a Jesuit and Catholic university and its principles related to helping and serving those in need.

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Photo is of Rama Sudhaker


Anonymous said...


NOW Fairfield University is being politically correct on your responses to this case. Unfortunately its too late. You've pissed off many people that are watching, recording, and waiting. You can be certain there will be vindication.

Pissed off Stag

Anonymous said...

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