Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Harbor Springs, Michigan: Founded By The Jesuits

Just past Bay View, head north on M-119 to Harbor Springs. Founded by the Jesuits, the city was once called L'Arbre Croche or "Crooked Tree'' in reference to a nearby tree used as a landmark by Indians traveling by canoe from camps along the Lake Michigan shoreline.
In 1847, L'Arbre Croche had the largest concentration of American Indians in the states. While fishing, trapping and lumbering were early industries, passenger ships also stopped regularly at Harbor Springs since it offered the deepest harbor in the Great Lakes.
Eventually the area became a summer playground for the wealthy from all over the Midwest. Harbor Point, Wequetonsing and Roaring Brook are among the oldest private resort associations in the area; many of the large summer homes are still owned by the original families.

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