Monday, October 26, 2009

Priestly Celibacy Has Been Guarded By The Church For Centuries As A Brilliant Jewel

We all know that the Second Vatican Council in the end strongly supported the spiritual tradition of priestly celibacy in Presbyterorum ordinis, #16, and that Pope Paul VI strengthened this still further with his encyclical of June 24, 1967, Sacerdotalis caelibatus. Surely along with Humanae vitae it was his most unpopular and "politically incorrect" encyclical.

Yet how often the image of "The Good Pope John" is skillfully invoked by those who wish to abolish priestly celibacy. John XXIII Roncalli was the "good" pope, while Paul VI and his successor John Paul II Wojtila are "bad" popes. They are called intransigent, while he is called open.

Link (here) to the full piece
entitled Angelo Roncalli and Priestly Celibacy by Fr. Brian Van Hove, S.J. at Ignatius Insight

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