Thursday, October 22, 2009

Fr. Jean Mermet, S.J.: The Jesuit Of Kaskaskia

Jean Mermet was born at Grenoble, France, Sept. 23, 1664; and became a Jesuit novice at Avignon, when 19 years of age. A student at Embrun in 1685-86, he spent the usual term as instructor at Carpentras, Roanne, and Vesoul, in succession ; and completed his studies at Dole (1692-96). After another year, spent in Salins, he came to Canada (1698). Mermet aided Aveneau at the Miami mission on St. Joseph River, until the autumn of 1702, when he went with Juchereau to the Ohio River,—where, besides acting as chaplain to the French, he endeavored (but with little success) to evangelize a band of Mascoutens who had wandered thither. After the death of Juchereau, Mermet went to Kaskaskia, and became the colleague of Gabriel Marest . He spent there the rest of his life. Sommervogel says that Mermet died Sept . 15, 1716; but Shea (Church in Col. Days, p. 585), in 1718.

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Drawing entitled,
Clark Reassures French at Kaskaskia.

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