Friday, October 2, 2009

The Jesuit House in Parian

The Jesuit House in Parian is definitely a lost treasure, not too many people know it still exists! It’s now a warehouse owned by a Filipino-Chinese family, a depot for the family’s hardware business.

There are some lucky few who were able to get inside, I did attempt to enter but was discouraged by what I’ve seen, a snobbish rude fellow manning its tall metal gate and rusting scraps of metal, wires and crude dripping on the floor – thick dust and industrial supplies are all over the place. I just took some photos then left.

The house still bravely stands, believe it or not, but one must wonder how long considering that this house has been around for more than two centuries without much care.

Link (here) to the full blog post, the blog is entitled With One's Past

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