Thursday, October 1, 2009

Haitian Journalist Interviewed About The Perlitz/Carrier/Fairfield Scandal

Haitian Journalist Cyrus Sibert recently held a short interview with The Mirror, in which he spoke about his perspective to the story and how it was first handled in Haiti.

Disclaimer: Please disregard the grammatical errors in Sibert's answers (English is his second language) and the graphic nature of the copy.

How did you first learn about this story?
August 2007. But as member of Cap-Haitian city, I heard about that and considered it as rumors. By August 2007, someone from the state told about that. The person, who uses to give gifts to the children when coming in Haiti, told he found street kids who explain the same story and hope to testimony. The kids told him that they cannot accept the situation it’s very hard for them. When Doug drink alcohol, he spent much of time doing sex with them even though it's painful.

Do you know anyone from Fairfield University who has been involved in the case directly? The University has been denying any ties to the organization and to Doug Perlitz.
I don’t know everything about Fairfield University. I just read the name at CNN report on the situation. I just know that a group of American people prefer support Douglas against the kids. They prefer cancel the funds to pressure kid a push to say that they were lying. A psychologist closed to Doug came recently in Haiti to pressure former staff member bay say that she can read in the eyes. The kids told me about Father Paul, I don’t know if he’s involved in the case. Fairfield seems is afraid to face the issue.

Has the University been involved in any way since the scandal first broke?
I don’t know.

Have you spoken to any of the victims?
I haven't.

What is the state of Doug's school now? Is it still operational?
Closed. They don’t money to run it. Doug friend prefer support him anyway even investigation confirm allegations. Now street kids are suffer. Douglas sponsor punish them for saying what’s wrong. I don’t understand that. I usually heard American people are moral and respect children. I start asking if Doug initiative was single or organized.

The federal indictment says he controlled the finances and that's how he was able to keep everything under wraps. Any comments on the validity of that claim?
I think it’s right. Douglas keep his administration out of control. His lawyer in Haiti, use to tell me to make everything well. He always replied, He doesn’t need Haitian administration. He has my money from sponsor, the sponsors believe in me, that’s all. A little investigation on his administration will show that he was managing the project as his house.

Link (here) to the full piece.


Cyrus SIBERT said...

My name is Cyrus Sibert. There is a mistake in the article. The 5th question. I did not tell the journalist that I never spoken to the victims.

After the 4th question: Has the University has been involved in any way since the scandal broke?

My Answer was : I don’t know

5) Has she spoken to any of the victims? (I understand the university)

Cyrus's answer was : I don’t (know)

I dont' know why the have changed it.

Cyrus SIBERT said...

My name is Cyrus Sibert. There is a mistake in the article. The 5th question. I did not tell the journalist that I never spoken to the victims.

The 4th question: Has the University has been involved in any way since the scandal broke?

My Answer was : I don’t know

5) Has she spoken to any of the victims? (I understood the university)

Cyrus's answer was : I don’t (know)

I dont' know why they have changed it

Cyrus SIBERT said...

CNN report on Pelitz Douglas's Street kids abuse case:

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Order of Malta leader, Hope Carter, embezzeled criminal evidence from Haiti said...

In the summer of 2008, Catholic Order of Malta leader, Hope Carter, embezzled two personal computers out of Haiti that belonged to alleged child molester, Douglas Perlitz.

Open letter to Douglas attorney : Don’t spit on the suffering of Haitian kids who were sexually abused. said...

Open letter to Douglas attorney : Don’t spit on the suffering of Haitian kids who were sexually abused -

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