Friday, May 20, 2011

Fr Tacchi Venturi S. J. On Giuseppina Berettoni

Fr. Tacchi Venturi, S.J.
All my energy – she wrote – all of my life I want to spend making Jesus known to the Christian people. Characteristic of her life was the apostolic lay activity in varied forms and in any field with which her zeal was confronted, with a special preference for the Clergy and everybody consecrated to God. With youngsters she was a strong but amiable teacher; with children, tenderly loved by Jesus, amongst whom she spent the better part of her life, she was always motherly. She worked generously for the Daughters of Mary until the last day of her life; in the Franciscan Third Order she was an unparalleled novice mistress. Fr Tacchi Venturi S. J. wrote, with regard to her work for the dying: God used her for the salvation of unrepenting sinners, who at the very end of their lives, after having rudely sent the priests away from their beds, won over by her angelic ministration during their illness, surrendered to her and accepted God’s Ministers, shedding tear on the Crucifix. Her apostolic activity was carried out mainly in Rome, where she spent the major part of her life, but her good deeds also reached Argentina, Genoa e the Marche, places where she lived for short periods.
Link (here) to read  full account of Servant of God Giuseppina Berettoni


Maria said...

She could help the Jebbies, lol! They are in need of evangelization, right? Joe, I love these stories. Where do you find them?

Sai said...
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Anonymous said...

Dont deny it, you know it's true

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