Friday, May 27, 2011

Former Jesuit Ken Ireland

..........the freedoms felt after John XXIII’s aggornamento were leading to all kinds of experimentation. 

Link (here) to read his post at his blog entitled Buddha, S.J.
Blogger Note: This post link is a little disturbing


Anonymous said...

Why, pray tell, do you find this disturbing? Because he's honest about his sexuality and left the Jesuits to boot?

Anonymous said...

Psychotherapeutic confession in the service of self-justifying rationalization is not honesty. Ireland writes, "I intended to honor my solemn promises if I remained in the Society." But those "promises" were not New Year's resolutions but perpetual vows, and included the public, solemn commitment to remain a Jesuit until death. The vows include no "if-clause." Having forsaken his vows and followed his libidinal inclinations, the man now finds himself groping in the murk of Buddhism in order to find spiritual meaning without the cost of commitment. It can't be done, and he deserves no congratulation for attempting the ruse.

Anonymous said...

I find it disturbing in several ways:
1. The title of the blog may be personal to the author but Buddha, SJ is somewhat insulting.
2. The behavior outlined by the author of the bishops actions are disturbing.
3. The use of the word "all" when discussing the bishops is also disturbing since I live in a diocese in which the Bishop did turn in abusers. These stories don't get told.
4. I don't care if a priest has homosexual inclinations but as soon as he calls himself a gay priest I know he has no idea of what a priest is. Same if someone said he was a straight priest. Those labels should be gone by the time they get out of the seminary. This is buying into culture and the idealization that my sexual conduct is who I am. Who a celibate priest is - is priest.
5. Is this a struggle, is it hard - yes but it is precisely the struggle and sacrafice that makes a priest.
6 This isn't being naive, it is about identity and being. The former Jesuit is searching interiorly for an understanding of himself and has chosed to solely concentrate on being gay, he has forgotten and he and the rest of us are something more. Until men understand that, we will always have sex crimes because obvioulsy, that's the only thing we think about and value. And, that is distrubing.

Anonymous said...

This CLOWN appears in several photos at the very leftist website of ex-SJ's:


For my part everyone ought to glance at it.