Friday, May 27, 2011

Leander Lee James On Jesuit Reverse Evangalization

Leander Lee James
"I'm just a little attorney in a small town. I had no idea I'd be swept into a case of this magnitude." James no longer considers himself Catholic – a change he says was already underway, but which the Jesuit case solidified. He says he still has faith though. To James, one of the most troubling parts of the case is that many of his clients – don't. 
"I have clients time and again tell me the same thing in the exact same words. 'I can't have faith anymore. I can't believe anymore.; And it's because they were taught this sense of belief in this man. And then he violates them. It eviscerates that belief, so they can't believe anymore. It's profoundly sad." 
James says he'll probably use some of the fees he'll get from the settlement to fix up his house – maybe repair some of the deer fences he's neglected. He also got a call not too long ago from the alumni office of Santa Clara University, his Jesuit alma mater. James says he'll probably give them a little money too.
Link (here) to KOUW to read the full story.

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