Monday, May 2, 2011

Donald Trump Jesuit Educated At Fordham University

Donald Trump, “I was a great student, I went to the best schools,” he told a tea party rally in Florida recently. Actually, he couldn’t cut it at the small New York City private school attended by his siblings, and he was removed to a military academy upstate that specialized in discipline for troubled and failing boys, where he barely earned a B average. From there, he went on to Fordham University and then the Wharton Business School at the University of Pennsylvania. While both are very fine institutions, Trump coasted academically, although he later bragged that he had earned “the highest grades possible.”
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TonyD said...

I occasionally watch Trump’s apprentice show, and I'm always amazed by his lack of business skills. I worry that a generation of young people will grow up thinking that his values represent good business values. Where is his support for free will? Instead, he creates an “oppressive” structure. And as a result of such management, we are very far removed from the values we should have, and we stay distant from God – unable to get more advanced lessons, since we are busy getting basic lessons for our basic mistakes – for centuries.

We have the potential to move business practice far beyond its current level. Such change requires a change to the very structure of business, and that is something we can only accomplish as a community – since there will always be wealthy, greedy, and selfish people who would build companies to reflect their own values. So we need a strong government, but a government that reflects public values rather than business values, in order to enforce public values on companies.

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