Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Jesuit Reaction To The Removal Of An Extreme Liberal Bishop

Fr. Frank Brennan, S.J.
The sacking of Toowoomba Catholic Bishop William Morris was a "heavy-handed exercise of ecclesiastical authority," Jesuit priest and lawyer Father Frank Brennan said yesterday. 
Father Brennan said questions had been raised about the orthodoxy of Bishop Morris, effectively sacked by the Pope for his support of the ordination of women and other Liberal reforms, after his ordination as bishop 18 years ago. 
In a widely circulated letter, Father Brennan said he had first known the bishop when he was secretary to Archbishop Francis Rush in Brisbane. He was "then a very successful parish priest of the huge Gold Coast parish" before being made bishop of Toowoomba in 1993.
Link (here) to the full piece at The Australian


Dan said...

"Father" Brennan, who in the photo sports a chic mauve polo shirt, is one whose comments are not of the slightest interest to anyone. I would say that based on his comments he is one who disgraces his cloth, but he isn't wearing any cloth to disgrace. Yet a disgrace he is, nevertheless.

You are irrelevant, Father, and you and your noxious breed will have to face judgement one day, just like the ridiculous Bishop you defend. You deserve each other.

Maria said...

"Diocesan bishops criticising the teachings and direction of the Catholic church and challenging the authority of the Holy Father damage the Catholic faith of their people," Mr Mimmo said

Amen. The removal of this Bishop is very, very encouraging. We can also be grateful that Jesuits of his ilk will soon be moving off center stage and into their twilight years. God only knows the scope of the damage they have done to unity...

Stewart said...

"Methinks thou dost protest too much."

muebles vallecas said...

Oh my god, there's so much effective information above!