Monday, May 16, 2011

North American Jesuit Seminary Curriculum In 1846

Our records indicate an interregnum for the year 1846. In that year, as we know from other sources, Bishop John Hughes placed St. John's College and St. Joseph's Seminary (Now Fordham) in the hands of the Jesuit Fathers. The negotiations were carried on with Father Clement Boulanger, the Superior of the Canadian Mission, and Father Augustus Thebaud, who was made rector of St. John's College as well as of the Seminary. During the next ten years the institution remained under the management of the Jesuit Fathers, who furnished the professors. Their lectures were attended not only by the students of the diocese, but also by the Jesuit scholastics who were preparing for ordination. The course of studies was immediately extended and the faculty enlarged. The following subjects were treated by various professors: Dogmatic Theology, Moral Theology, Holy Scripture, Hebrew, Logic and Philosophy. In 1851 Ecclesiastical History was added to the above-mentioned subjects. After 1850 Hebrew disappears from the curriculum, probably because no professor was available.
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