Monday, May 9, 2011

Abortion Providor Planned Parenthood And Boston College's Jack Dunn

Boston College's Gasson Hall
the Cardinal Newman Society as having "long criticized Catholic colleges for promoting practices that it believes are inconsistent with Catholic doctrine," the Chronicle of Higher Education says that, during last month's debates about federal support for Planned Parenthood, the Newman Society released a report, in which Catholic colleges and universities were criticized for mentioning Planned Parenthood. A detailed list can be found here. 24 colleges have since removed mention of Planned Parenthood, but some -- including some "more-prominent institutions on the list," such as Boston College -- said that they had not deleted such mention. Said Jack Dunn, a spokesman at Boston College:
The Cardinal Newman Society has no academic standing and has been admonished by Catholic bishops for using scare tactics that are designed to induce elderly donors into supporting their misguided efforts. As a Jesuit, Catholic university, Boston College has never been influenced by them.
Officials at Gonzaga University, the University of San Diego, the University of San Francisco and Dominican University of California all countered the Newman Society's report and said that references to Planned Parenthood remained on their webpages.
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Maria said...

Well, of course, it is the Cardnial Newmann Society that is misguided. Can't make this stuff up.

Maria said...

From America Magazine:

"Their litmus tests include: whether any campus group has sponsored a presentation of “The Vagina Monologues”; whether any politician who does not favor criminalizing abortion is invited to speak at a campus event; whether the institution has sponsored a support group for gay and lesbian students.

Taking stands against murder and sodomy. So unreasonable.

TonyD said...

Over and over again I see those who sacrifice others’ values and judgments to try to fulfill God’s commandments. So in the name of God and Catholicism they try to create a society that conforms to some interpretation of God’s values. But in doing so they ignore the most important commandment – love your neighbor. They end up undermining the very values they should hope to uphold – and risk distancing themselves from God.

It is worth pointing out that this is, for the most part, acceptable. In choosing to believe specific interpretations, even when there is ample proof that God has many competing values, people define themselves before God. So a poor understanding of religion plays an important role in measuring a person’s progress.