Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The University of San Francisco Is The Most Under Ranked Jesuit Institution

Ranked #212 in our composite of  
The University of San Francisco is a private Jesuit university that was founded in 1855. Even though it's not ranked very high at #106 on US News' list, students are drawn here for its great location right near the Golden Gate Bridge and for its small class sizes. The average mid-career salary is high at $92,400.
Note: Although U.S. News ranks colleges and universities separately, we combined these lists by doubling the ranking. Read the full methodology here.
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Qualis Rex said...

Because location should be the first things people think about when considering a Catholic education.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps under-rated by the secular press, but what about its recent promotion of Vincent Pizzuto a priest of the Celtic Church and advocate for all things homosexual, as the head of its theology department. What is with these "Catholic" Jesuit institutions. I guess there weren't any well-qualified orthodox Catholics available for this grossly "under-rated: institution of higher learning.

Qualis Rex said...

@Anon - the church in San Francisco is in shambles. The last two archbishops were at best jokes and at worst intentionally trying to create scandal and dismantle the church as we know it (see: the pope's comments about the "homosexual lobby"). Thank God for his excellency, Archbishop Cordileone. Although the damage is far too great at this point for him to undo anytime soon.