Thursday, June 27, 2013

Fr. Joseph Fessio, S.J., " Same Sex Unions Are Not In Any Way Equivalent To Marital Unions."

"They are profoundly wrong and wrong-headed decisions," he stated in e-mail correspondence this "And it is deeply depressing that in each decision a Catholic justice was the swing vote." "There is a twofold problem that underlies both decisions," he wrote. "1) That issues of such fundamental significance for society should be decided by a single, unelected person. That’s what happens when there is a 5-4 decision. 2) That the judges of the Supreme Court who ought to be exemplary for their wisdom as well as their technical knowledge of the law can be completely blind to the obvious: this is not an issue of equality at all. Same sex unions are not in any way equivalent to marital unions."
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Qualis Rex said...

While I agree with Father Joseph's assessment that " is deeply depressing that in each decision a Catholic justice was the swing vote." I must follow-up with the question: "and whose fault is that?" Is it not the calling and DUTY of the church to safeguard the faithful by admonishing such wayward-thinking politicians who call themselves "Catholic"? Is Kennedy's bishop going to publicly admonish him and tell him not to present himself to communion due to the scandal he is causing the faithful?

Fr Fessio and co have a lot to do themselves before they can cast stones too far.

Anonymous said...

bigot and loser

Maria said...

Asked how the rulings will affect the Catholic Church in the United States, Fr. Fessio remarked that they "will call forth saints and scholars who will 'shine like the stars in the midst of a wicked and perverse generation'.

You are the man, Padre Fessio. You are the man...