Monday, June 10, 2013

Pope Francis To Jesuit School Students

The school is one of the educational environments in which we grow to learn to live, to become adult and
mature men and women, capable of walking, of going along the road of life. These were the words of Pope Francis in an address to the numerous -- and enthusiastic -- students, families, and teachers of Jesuit schools in Italy and Albania. The Pope said the most important characteristics, according to the spirit of Saint Ignatius, are interior freedom -- founded on spirituality -- and magnanimity -- that is, having ideals, thinking of others, responding with goodness, and following the path traced out by God. To the Jesuits, Pope Francis said that the schools are a precious instrument.....
Link (here) to the Vatican's YouTube Channel to watch the video

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Anonymous said...

He quote to Times fr arrupe in high terms. Buenos Aires he had a photo of arrupe on this desk...and on conservative blog people continue to White that he was against him