Saturday, June 29, 2013

Fr. Malachi Martin On Perfect Possesion

According to the late Father Malachi Martin, perfect possession is the state in which a human being has lost complete control to a spiritual being. As a Jesuit diplomat and scholar, Father Martin served three popes and taught at prestigious universities. As a veteran of thousands of exorcisms, Father Martin’s observations from his direct experiences are worth noting:
  • There is a difference between oppression and possession.
  • In his lifetime, he saw an 800 percent increase in possessions.
  • Fifty percent of people diagnosed as insane are actually possessed.
  • Exorcisms were only performed on request and after medical and psychiatric evaluation.
  • The possessed have all been found to have created an opening for evil to enter.
  • Playing with a Ouija board was one of the most common conduits for demonic entry.
  • Channelling was another activity that opened the practitioner to demonic influences.
  • Cases of perfect possession are hopeless, there is no deliverance for them.
  • The purpose of the demonic is to destroy the possessed.
  • The overriding energy of the demonic is hatred that defies language.
  • More than one psychiatrist left his profession after witnessing an exorcism.
  • Many atheists converted to Christianity after witnessing an exorcism.
  • Many participants in exorcism die in the months following the ritual.
  • Exorcisms can last a few hours to a few months.
  • The exorcised spirits are not destroyed, they are simply evicted from the possessed.
  • Demonic spirits are all around us at all times.
The more I learn about the psychopath, the more similarities I see with the possessed. Before man came up with the psychological disciplines, abusive and violent people, were considered possessed and treated accordingly. As many people on the planet have been guided into ever more secular societies, evil has, unsurprisingly prevailed with unprecedented success.
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Anonymous said...

Hi, Just wandered over here.

So Malachi Martin really was a Jesuit Priest? What is your opinion of Father Martin and his books? His books freak me out but I am not sure how much he can be trusted.

Regards even if you are a Jesuit.

-SoJ (aka Scared of Jesuits)

Joseph Fromm said...

I am not a Jesuit.

Martin is just one of the many Jesuit voices. I like a lot of his stuff, however he can be a downer and over critical at times.

Anonymous said...

How did you come to develop this interest in Jesuits? When I first learned of our Jesuit pope I was like "Noooooo!" But so far I like his preaching -this Jesuit seems to believe in Jesus and Mary and uphold Church teaching.

In your explorations, have you come across other Jesuit opinions about Martin? I bought "Keys of his Blood" by chance in a used book store. It was my first exposure to the machinations by elites for global control.