Saturday, June 15, 2013

Jesuit And His Parish Under Seige In Syrian War

The Jesuit Courtyard in "Old Section" of Homs
A priest working in the devastated city of Homs in Syria has given an account of some of the horror he's facing every day. The priest, who cannot be named, sent a report to the charity Aid to the Church in Need, which is supporting Syrians with an aid package of £25,450 (€30,000) for a center in Homs, on top of £42,450 (€50,000) given last year. 
The report details the priest's struggle to provide basic food, shelter and medicine to more than 30,000 people fleeing violence amid ongoing bomb blasts and other violence.
He goes on to give an account of the “many explosions” of the past week in his quarter of Homs, one of which took place very near to his church. The car bomb left 11 people dead, of whom five were his parishioners. An earlier explosion caused the death of a 10-year-old boy from the Catholic community centre next to his church. 
Three other children were injured. In his report, the priest pays tribute to a Jesuit priest and 74 other Christians living in a “siege[–like] manner” in Homs' ancient Old City, where many historic churches, mosques and other buildings lie in ruins after fierce fighting. 
Facing a shortage of food and medicine, the Jesuit and his flock rely on aid parcels being sent to them. Describing life for the Jesuit and his people, the priest writes that people continue to cling to hope in spite of the difficulties. He said: “We have a great hope. Churches still ring bells for prayers and all people come and share Mass.” Quoting Pope Francis, he writes: “Nobody can steal our hope and joyfulness.”
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Qualis Rex said...

This saddens me immensely. What is worse is the announcement Obama just made yesterday about aiding the Syrian opposition...who are still holding 2 priests and 2 bishops hostage (after killing their driver, a deacon). The hypocrisy of the liberal left never fails to disappoint: where is their outrage at the US intervening YET AGAIN in the politics of the Arab world/middle east? Where is the porcine Paolo dall'Oglio, who takes every opportunity to defend the Mohammedan jihadists? The fact is, when the US administration (regardless of whom occupies the office) says "we are backing the opposition" these days it means the current regime has a shelf-life of about a year before it falls. And we can look forward to yet another radical Mohammedan government in the world. But this time the "Bush is the devil!" crowd can thank Obama.