Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Homosexual Spiritual Exercises Retreat To Be Conducted In Spain

Fr. Donal Godfrey, S.J.
This week from June 20-27, a retreat for men is being held in Spain. The retreat will be led by two Jesuit priests. It will be held in “…a self-catering retreat/holiday home run by the Jesuits which we will have to ourselves.”  A description of the retreat may be found at It is titled Liberation. A Retreat for Men in Calpe, Costa Blanca, Spain, June 20-27., led by Father Donal Godfrey, S. J.“Donal is an Irish  Jesuit priest who has been working for the last six years in California, USA. He is currently working as a chaplain in the Jesuit University of San Francisco; a job which involves training the Chaplaincy Team in Ignatian Spirituality. Donal is a regular celebrant at the popular Castro Church of Most Holy Redeemer and has been heard leading a service there on Radio 4′s Sunday Service. He has written a book on the parish ministry, Gays and Grays. As university chaplain, Donal spends much of his time mentoring students and staff. Donal loves this aspect of his work and has reflected on the task of a effective mentor, particular in relation to work with people who are in some way marginalised such as those who are immigrant or gay.
The webpage goes on to describes the retreat program: “A retreat is a safe place to open yourself to healing the wounds of the past and allow new life and freedom to flood in. Feel nurtured by an accepting retreat community; receive the healing love of God. Learn how to better use your talents for the good. Donal and David (Father David Birchall, S.J.) will lead the group through prayer, reflections, and sharing to help us better understand and appropriate the inner liberation God desires for each of us as children of God….. 
By taking a look at the interaction between the individual conscience and the teaching authority of the Church and Scripture we shall consider how best we can live our call to exercise the freedom of the Children of God. This will focus specifically on the area of sexuality….Although both retreat leaders are Catholic priests, this retreat is open to men of any Christian denomination or of no church affiliation. We shall be dealing with issues of sexuality and spirituality and so we are open to all regardless of sexual orientation. However, a respect for difference is vital in a retreat that seeks to be a safe place for all however you might describe your faith or sexuality.”
Under the Making Friends section, the webpage says:  “These retreats in Calpe have been running for a number of years and have always been an enjoyable experience with friendly and welcoming groups of people. We have found that there has always been an openness and acceptance of others. You can be yourself in the group sharing your faith and other areas of life such as sexuality.”
There’s a lot of sexuality there. The retreat program also includes “bodywork,” whatever that means. 2013 will not be the first year Father Godfrey has led a retreat for the group in Spain. According to a December 6, 2011 post on the British Quest Gay Catholic website Father David Birchall (who will assist Godfrey at the retreat) relates that Father Godfrey led a similar retreat called Clear as your Conscience on June 13-20, 2012. In the same post, Father Birchall also described the retreat’s new Jesuit House location: “After a dalliance with a retreat house in Mallorca run by nuns we have now taken residence in a sea-front house which the group has to itself.” Sounds like the presence of nuns cramped the retreatants’ style.
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Anonymous said...

I guess that avoiding the occasion of sin is no longer a part of this Jesuit's moral theology. Is there no discipline among the Jesuits. I ask again would not suppression of the order prove salubrious for the Church. Who better to do this than the Jesuit Pope.

Qualis Rex said...

So, in other words, a gay "club med" style swingers retreat for pseudo-"spiritual" men. You know, I'm seriously scratching my head at the purpose of this blog. Is it to remind us all how an ultra-modernist majority with an evil agenda have taken-over the Jesuit order (and other factions of the Catholic church)? I really don't think anyone needs any reminders here. Or is it to highlight/expose who the offenders are so that their superiors can discipline them? It's obvious that has not been a priority over the last 30 years. Or is it to prompt Catholics into a "Ok...this is obviously a sinking ship" mentality to just go "spiritual", sedevacantist or Orthodox?

I'm asking honest/sincere questions here.

LALO said...

Rex, how disappointing that you fail to apprehend the need for a retreat like this. I would have given my eye teeth to attend. If such a retreat is not for you, you need neither attend nor opine. The retreat obviously harms no one, yet you seem to find offense. Why ? Is your God so small that there is no love for gay people ?

I am asking an honest/sincere question here: how big is your God, really ?

Sursum corda, friend, if ya still it in ya. I'll be praying for y'all.