Thursday, March 28, 2013

A Little To Comfortable Marxist Idealogy

Karl Marx
Jesuits, most of whom take a special vow of obedience to the pope in matters of mission, have, ironically,
had a sometimes rocky relationship with Rome over the centuries. There are a lot of reasons for that, too many to go into.
Most recently, in the early 1980s, the Vatican intervened in the internal governance of the Society; it was thought that the Jesuits had grown a little too comfortable with liberal democracy and/or Marxist ideology. That the cardinals would even consider choosing a Jesuit now, I thought, marked a new beginning in that relationship. 
It is, one prays, a moment of reconciliation......As is the custom, sometime in the next few days the superior general of the Society of Jesus, Adolfo Nicolás, will walk the short distance from the Jesuit headquarters here in Rome past the “hot dog” stand to the Apostolic Palace, where he will meet with the new pope and, in the traditional way, assure him of the Society’s commitment to serve the See of Peter. In a unique way, on that particular occasion, Father General will carry not only the promise of our filial obedience to the new holy father, but our fraternal love for our brother Jesuit and, if you’ll permit me to say so, our pride.
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Anonymous said...

in his book "el jesuita" Card. Bergoglio praises liberation plus he says:"The Vatican didn’t condemn the whole liberation theology and I would not speak even of a condemn of ONLY SOME aspects, but only of an alert.."

Anonymous said...

ah ha now you conservatives have no place in a church run by a jesuit

TonyD said...

Just as "Republican" and "Democrat" are not labels that reflect God's values, it is also true that neither "Conservative Catholic" nor "Liberal Catholic" are labels that reflect God's values.

It is easy to find examples of both conservative values and liberal values in the Bible -- often in contradiction. But the contradiction is because we don't understand the underlying values and situation-specific trade-offs being made (although some in each camp seem to think that they understand God's values and the trade-offs that He would make - amazingly - given the drastic simplifications presented in the Bible. Need I say more about the distance of such people from God?)