Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Controversial Voice Of The Faithful At Fairfield University

The Center for Catholic Studies at Fairfield University is co-sponsoring a conference by Voice of the Faithful in the Diocese of Bridgeport (VOTF) on Saturday, March 23. The keynote speaker is Francis Oakley, who will be presenting on “The Conciliar Heritage and the Politics of Oblivion.” Oakley is President Emeritus of Williams College, and co-authored the 2011 book The Crisis of Authority in Catholic Modernity. The 11th annual conference is being held from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. in the BCC Oak Room at Fairfield University. Founded in 2002, in response to the priestly sexual abuse scandals in the Archdiocese of Boston, VOTF has been described by some bishops as "anti-Church and, ultimately, anti-Catholic " and a group that "has used the current crisis in the Church as a springboard for presenting an agenda that is anti-Church and ultimately anti-Catholic." Past conference presenters have included controversial University of Notre Dame theologian Richard P. McBrien, and Australian Bishop Geoffrey Robinson, who “urges change in Church teaching concerning all 
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Nancy Danielson said...

Those persons who denied The Catholic Church's teaching on Sexual morality according to The Word Of God, are responsible for the sexual abuse crisis in The Catholic Church.

Qualis Rex said...

The only saving grace about this organization is that they do not use the word "Catholic" in their title. They are parasites who use the abuse scandal as a justification for all manners of heresy. The only thing they will not condemn or acknowledge is the fact that it was indeed their own ultra-liberal agenda which filled the seminaries with practicing homosexuals, leading to the abuse crisis.

Lunatex said...

The commenters Nancy and King What (Qualis Rex) are pretty delusional. First there are no explicit sexual teachings in the Word of God as brought by Jesus except Jesus's exhortation to the stoners: Those among you without sin cast the first stone. Second, Nancy you need to read up on pedophilia; it isn't in any way affected by muscular propagation of prudish doctrine. The pedophiles were present in the most "orthodox" times just as they are present now.

As for King What's vitriol dripping comment. Some facts: VOF arose as a reaction to the pedophile crisis and the sobering revelations that the institutional hierarchical church in covering for pedophiles, obstructing justice and intimidating victims and families acted as though a racketeering influence criminal organization. VOF had no ultra-liberal agenda or even existence until this scandal came to light. So that accusation is just WRONG.

Pedophiles are not simply homosexuals gone "wild" no more than male serial killers of females are heteroes gone "wild." Pedophilia is its own mental disease.

If anything, catholic blindness to the existence of both pedophiles and homosexual priests was kept in place by the sort priest-focused idolatry and other inane superstitious pieties (catholic phariseeism) traditionalists such as King What promoted and promote.

We should welcome out and caring homosexual catholic people whatever their office. But pedophiles and the criminal bishops and curial careerists who protected them need a date with justice. Christ commands it.

Qualis Rex said...

Lunatex - you are a pittiful coward. Can you not simply come "out" as a homosexual rather than hide behind your "shame! hate! meanie!" ramblings? Obviously not. Jesus was very clear on sexual morality and forbade adultry. Not a convenient part of the gospels for the likes of you, but then again most of the gospels are inconvenient to your ilk, aren't they? You uncleverly try to distance the rampant homosexuality present in the abuse scandals with "oh, well...they were just pedophiles". No...they were not. Most of the abuse was against POST-PUBESCENT males, which by definition is not pedophilia. Again, another very inconvenient fact for you.

clement said...

i believe ther was a report commissioned by the Bishops and Cardinals Under Ben16 that determined homosexual priests had nothing to do with the crimes committed . Nancy - qualis Rex open your eyes and get your facts straight from qualified professionals in this matter not your hateful opinion .
It is obvious that many priest who have done amazing things for the church are gay. Many of them . Most choose to lead a life of celibacy and chastity . Without gays there would be no church no music no Sistine chapel . If you have such hate and animosity Westboro Baptist Churc is the place to be not The catholic church ESPECIALLY UNDER FRANCIS - see ya

Anonymous said...

"Jesus was very clear on sexual morality and forbade adultry"
Mr Rex =
Where did Jesus condemn homosexuals explicitly?

Qualis Rex said...

Clement - not all homosexual priests committed abuse. I never said nor alluded to this. You cite some nebulous "report" commissioned by blessed Benedict XV1. Can you provide it? Probably not, since you are pulling such details out of your hat. Here's one for you; the "John Jay report" which says specifically: "The John Jay report found that 81% of the victims were male. 22% of victims were younger than age 10, 51% were between the ages of 11 and 14, and 27% were between the ages 15 and 17 years". Get it? The majority of the victims were POST-PUBESCENT MALES. By definition, the perpetrators of such abuse were homosexuals....not pedophiles.