Monday, March 25, 2013

"I Cry Every Single Day,"

David Clohessy
David Clohessy said Pope Francis has to take up the issue of sexual abuse by priests and hold them accountable."Gestures, like taking the name Francis, or carrying your own luggage, or living in a small apartment, however encouraging they might be, we can't as responsible adults be so moved by these positive first impressions that we forget about the children who are being assaulted, right here and right now,"
Clohessy said. Recalling a friend who as a child had been sexually abused by a Jesuit priest in St. Louis (a school that Clohessy's father attended), he said, "I've talked to many who've gone to Jesuit schools and feel incredibly grateful about the education they got." Clohessy then added, "and yet their positive memories and their positive feelings towards their school are now completely polluted by the fact that they know that one or two or five other classmates were undergoing this horror while they were flourishing and learning and thriving and making lifelong bonds of friendship." 
 He tried to keep his composure as he answered, but his handkerchief could not hold back the tears. "I cry every single day," Clohessy said.
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Nancy Danielson said...

Those persons who deny the truth about sexual morality which is grounded in authentic Love, are responsible for the sexual abuse crisis in The Catholic Church.

Qualis Rex said...

Geeze. Exagerate much? As a product of Marianist and Jesuit education I can say two things with absolute certainty; 1) both orders/institutions need to be cleaned out THOROUGHLY to thwart the abuse (sexual AND liturgical) 2) those like this media darling who never went through the abuse yet champion the cause like it is theirs are simply using this as an excuse to tear down the church due to their OWN issues with some point of morality. Clohessy's crocodile tears a la Sally Struthers are not fooling us.

Lunatex said...

Those persons who deny the truth about sexual morality which is grounded in authentic Love are the Bishops and Cardinals of the hierarchical Church. They refuse the ordination of holy women. They refuse the sacrament of marriage to holy priests. And, as population climbs beyond what this poor orb can bear, they condemn contraception.

Anonymous said...

A Jesuit Professor of Theology at the Gregorian Pontifical University, author and ABC News Correspondent Rev.Keith Pecklers is the subject of a film that is being shopped around Hollywood. "Of God and Gucci" tells the story of how he abused a boy in Jersey City while he was the Church Musical director...on his road to the Preisthood.This story apparently will not go away. Perhaps our Jesuit Pope will make a difference and be a conduit for change.