Thursday, March 14, 2013

Fr. Ronald Sams, S.J., “The Fact He Is A Jesuit Makes It A Little More Exciting,”

Fr. Ronald Sams, S.J.
“I would say there haven’t been many bigger surprises for me,” said the Rev. Ronald W. Sams, pastor of St. Michael Church and superior of a group of eight Jesuit priests who live together near the downtown church. “He sounds like a very pastoral, good man. He’s one of our family. We’re very happy with the choice.” The Jesuits also operate two venerable local institutions, Canisius High School and Canisius College. “The fact he is a Jesuit makes it a little more exciting,” said Kenmore resident and Canisius College alumna Meghan Burke, who is currently doing graduate studies at Catholic University. Burke has long appreciated the Jesuit order’s intense focus on education and service. “It emphasizes an aspect of Catholicism that I think is quite admirable,” she said.
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