Monday, March 18, 2013

Many Jesuits....To This Day Speak Of Him Warily

Argentine Jesuits in an undated photo with Holy Father Francis at the lower left corner  (source)
In a 2005 profile of Cardinal Bergoglio, Jose Maria Poirier, editor of the Argentinean Catholic magazine Criterio, wrote, “He exercised his authority as Jesuit provincial with an iron fist, calmly demanding strict obedience and clamping down on critical voices. Many Jesuits complained that he considered himself the sole interpreter of St Ignatius of Loyola, and to this day speak of him warily.”
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Anonymous said...

Whoever posted this photo is in error. The photo is not a photo of Argentinian Jesuits and Pope Francis is absolutely not pictured. Sorry. You are wrong. Try again.

Anonymous said...

Jesuits speaking of any authority figure warily is no surprise, is it? In Argentina the big blow up over liberation theology may have caused turmoil in the Jesuit community. Since he was the Provincial, he had to make decisions and rulings. May have ticked some of his fellow Jesuits off. Probably not a big deal. People in charge at times tick off the troops, look at Patton.

Anonymous said...

Of course they speak warily of him, he believes in Church doctrine. He is faithful to Church teaching. Surprise, surprise.