Friday, March 29, 2013

Boston College Gets Angry Reaction From The ACLU

Catholic universities across the United States say they would tell student groups distributing condoms on
campus to stop and would potentially threaten disciplinary action, just as Boston ­College did earlier this month.
At BC, officials sent a letter to a student group that organized ­condom pickup spots on campus, citing the university’s mission as a Catholic institution and demanding that they cease or face possible discipline. The letter provoked ­angry reaction from some students and the local chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union, which said it might pursue legal action.
Officials at Catholic colleges and universities — including the University of Notre Dame, Georgetown University, the University of Dayton, Providence College, and the Catholic University of America — said that their policies similarly do not allow students to distribute condoms on campus and that students who do so could face disciplinary ­action.“One of the teachings of our faith is that contraception is morally unacceptable,” said ­Victor Nakas, a spokesman for Catholic University. “Since condoms are a form of contraception, we do not permit their distribution on campus.”

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Lunatex said...

Are they institutions of Catholic higher education or Catholic higher cluelessness?