Saturday, June 30, 2012

Liberation Theology, Jesuit Trained, Former Bishop And Love Children

President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela is appalled that his fellow Marxist comrade-in-arms, ousted Paraguayan President Fernando Lugo, has lost his Socialist control of Paraguay. Accordingly, the Venezuelan government is scheming to return Mr. Lugo to power. The Houston Chronicle reports that, “Paraguay’s new president on Thursday joined his defense minister in asserting that Venezuela’s foreign minister tried to convince the country’s military leaders to support former President Fernando Lugo in the face of a Senate impeachment trial.” 
Maria Liz Arnold, Paraguayan defense minister, claims the Venezuelan official visited a group of Paraguayan army, navy and air force brass on the day Lugo was dethroned and requested they support the former Jesuit-trained Liberation Theologian Roman Catholic bishop-turned president. Apparently Mr. Lugo allegedly used Paraguayan taxpayers’ funds to pay off scores of mistresses, who were raising his large number of ‘love children.’ 
Fortunately, the Paraguayan military refused to endorse Mr. Chavez’s coup d’ etat plot and supported Paraguay’s Senate decision to oust Lugo. The Houston Chronicle quotes Paraguayan President Frederic Pena as saying that, “the minister’s complaint is absolutely true. The decisions were taken to show by example that here we don’t tolerate military men who want to turn themselves into (policy) deciders or who accept recommendations or suggestions from foreign countries.”
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