Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Transitional Deacon, Named New Editor In Chief Of America

Matt Malone, America’s newest editor-in-chief, served for two years as an associate editor for the publication from 2007-2009, where he covered foreign policy and domestic politics and earned a first place award from the Catholic Press Association for a moving essay recounting his father’s decision to forgive the man responsible for Father Malone’s brother’s death in a drunk driving incident in 1984.  Earlier in his career, Father Malone served as deputy director of MassINC, an independent political think tank, and co-publisher of CommonWealth, an award-winning review of politics, policy, ideas and civic life.  He received his undergraduate degree from the University of Massachusetts Amherst, a Master’s Degree in philosophy from Fordham University and a graduate degree in theology from Heythrop College in Great Britain and The Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium. “We are pleased to welcome Father Matt Malone back home to America, a place that’s meaningful to him both as a journalist and a Jesuit.  A talented writer and editor, he is uniquely qualified to help lead America into its next century,” said Albert C. Pierce, chair of the Board of Directors of America Press, Inc.  John Schlegel, SJ, President and Publisher of America, added,  “As the 14th editor in America’s 100-year history, Father Malone knows he has big shoes to fill, and we’re confident that he will exceed all expectations.”
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Maria said...

A few tidbits "Fr. Jim" failed to mention. Prior to joining the Society, Matt Malone worked for Sen Ted Kennedy and worked to get him re-elected in 1994. Very reassuring, don't you think? Oh, and he has been, uh, involved in theatre--acting and singing, since the age of fourteen. He also sings with Ryan Duns. Entered in the New England Provice. Alrighty then...

Anonymous said...

What's your point? If he worked in a GOP legislator's office you wouldn't be whining (jn fact, I believe a couple of New Orleans' novices in the last few years have).

Alrighty then. . .

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, the GOP is not hostile to Catholicism like the Democrat Party is. There is nothing contradictory about being a Catholic Republican; there is plenty contradictory about being a Catholic Democrat.

Maria said...

Are you unfamiliar w/ Kennedy's on "LGBT" matters and abortion?

Kennedy was considered to be one of the biggest advocates of LGBT rights in the U.S. Senate,[39][40][41] and he has received ratings of 100 percent by the Human Rights Campaign for the 107th, 108th and 109th sessions of U.S. Congress[42] indicating that he voted in support of issues the HRC considers important with regards to equality for LGBT persons. He was a supporter of same-sex marriage[43] and was one of the fourteen senators to vote against the Defense of Marriage Act in 1996.[44] He also voted against the proposed Federal Marriage Amendment in 2004 and 2006.[37][45] Kennedy's home state of Massachusetts is one of seven states, the other six being Connecticut, Iowa, Vermont, New Hampshire, New York, and Washington to date to have legalized same-sex marriage.

Kennedy's reversal on this issue after Roe v. Wade became a source of continuing dispute between him and the Catholic Church, of which he was a member.

In 1987, Kennedy delivered an impassioned speech condemning Supreme Court nominee Robert Bork as a "right-wing extremist" and warning that "Robert Bork's America" would be one marked by back alley abortions and other backward practices. Kennedy's strong opposition to Bork's nomination was important to the Senate's rejection of Bork's candidacy. In recent years, he has argued that much of the debate over abortion is a false dichotomy. Speaking at the National Press Club in 2005, he remarked, "Surely, we can all agree that abortion should be rare, and that we should do all we can to help women avoid the need to face that decision."[2] He voted against the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act.[3]

Matt also, as a Deacon, assisted at a couple of Soho Masses while completing his theological studies at Heythrop College.

Finally, "for those not up on such things, are the Bishop of London’s attempt to maintain an open line to London’s lgbt community."

No wonder "Fr. Jim" is so happy. I would say we have ourselves another infiltrator.

Maria said...

With regard to Malone's participation in, and affiliation with, the "Soho Masses", the website for the Soho Masses Pastoral Council states:

"Welcome from the Soho Masses Pastoral Council. Our community is welcoming and open to all Catholics, with an active fellowship of many lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered Catholics, as well as their parents, families and friends."

Surprise, surprise. Jesuits everywhere giving homolies. I wonder: do they assume that people don't read?

Here are few of the resouces to which they link:


Thinking Anglicans
Inclusive Church Website
The Tablet Website
US National Catholic Reporter
Website of St. Joseph Church, Bunhill Row EC1
Most Holy Redeemer Church, San Francisco
Ministry with Lesbian and Gay Catholics - Archdiocese of LA

A few others:

Encourage Trust
Fortunate Families: parents of LGBT children
Catholic Pastoral Committee on Sexual Minorities

Gay Catholic Forum

Catholic Association of Lesbian and Gay Ministries in the USA
European Forum of LGBT Christian Groups
Lesbian and Gay Christian Movement
Roman Catholic Caucus of the LGCM
Quest: an Organisation for Gay Catholics in the UK
Dignity: an Organisation for Gay Catholics in the US
Website of Acceptance in Sydney, Australia
New Ways Ministry
Queering the Church: towards a reality-based theology
The Gay Christian Network

The Sergius and Bacchus Book Club
The Jewish Lesbian & Gay Group
Muslim LGBT
Other Sheep
Everybody's Welcome
Sibyls - Christian Spirituality Group for Transgender People

Anonymous said...

There is nothing contradictory about being a Catholic Republican; there is plenty contradictory about being a Catholic Democrat.

True colors--using the Church to further political aims. Shame on you.

Anonymous said...

Oh that's awful for you: an editor who doesn't hold your views.

Time to grow up and read another opinion for once.

Maria said...

The Soho Masses Webiste can be found here:

A few of the Jesuits who say "Soho Masses inlcude:

Fr. Brendan Callaghan, SJ
Fr. Philip Endean, SJ
Fr. Dave Stewart, SJ
Fr. Tim Curtis, SJ
Fr. Philip Endean, SJ

Maria said...

He isn't just another "Editor" at any Catholic magazine. He is a Catholic priest, at the oldest Catholic weekly in the United States, who clearly supports views antithetical to Catholicism.

Anonymous said...

who clearly supports views antithetical to [Maria's own special flavor of] Catholicism.

Maria said...

Catholicsm stands independent of my predelictions mon frere

Anonymous said...

Who made you judge & jury Maria? That's a form of blasphemy.

Maria said...

Really? I thought we were the ones who stand convicted of hatred and homophobia for standing with the teachings of the Church. Try posting support for the teachings of the Church at America Magazine and you will soon find out who is judge and jury.

Since when did the support for murder of children, via working for the re-appointment of Kennedy to the Senate, make sense for a Catholic, never mind someone aspiring to the priesthood?

Anonymous said...

You're not "standing" with anything but your own raw, self-assertions.

Maria said...

Why don't you man up and sign your name, you know, come out of the darkness?

Maria said...

Why don't you man up and sign your name, you know, come out of the darkness?

Maria said...

Lest you remain confused on the subject, these are not my "opinions". They are the teachings of the Church.


1. Willful MURDER
3. Oppression of the poor
4. Defrauding laborers of their wages

Except, now, working to put murderers in office and engaging in homosexual activism gets you the Chief Editorship at America Magazine.

Anonymous said...

Interesting how you didn't discuss #3 & #4--the Repubs really violate those!

So, who is committing murder?

"Sodom": what is that? Scholars disagree. . .

Is the "man up" challenge only for those with whom you disagree?

Stop stalking the Jesuits.

C140 said...

How bad must the vocations crises be in the Society of Jesus, when a newly ordained Jesuit is tagged to head America Magazine? The Society should be more concerned with his pastoral development than signing Father Martin's expense report.

Maria said...

Is Matt Malone oppressing the poor and/or defrauding laborers of their wages?

"Scholars" may disagree. "Queer theologians" may disagree with regard to whether sodomy constitutes sin. The Church, however, is of one voice: sodomy is a sin that cries out to Heaven for vengance.

Online conversation is made needlessly difficult by those who refuse to identify themselves in some way.

How odd that you should construe the defense of the faith as "stalking the Jesuits".

Sawyer said...

Stop feeding the "Anonymous" troll who is obviously not a faithful, knowledgeable Catholic. He (the lurking, anonymous, cantankerous Jesuit) just types snarky one-liners to get your goat.

Pray for enlightenment of his poorly formed mind and conscience, pray for his soul, pray for his conversion to the truth of Christ's Church through the grace of the Holy Spirit.

But, by all means, stop feeding him.

Maria said...

Lavendar mafia, ever aggresive. Good advice, Sawyer.

Anonymous said...

who is obviously not a faithful, knowledgeable Catholic. He (the lurking, anonymous, cantankerous Jesuit) just types snarky one-liners to get your goat.

You guys can't even respond to some simple challenges to your warped version of Catholicism. Just more homophobia. Sad.

mcasey said...

While debate is healthy, can we please stop pretending that any of us is in a position to say who is "really Catholic" and who isn't? You don't have to be an expert to know what a massive sin such pride exhibits. Playing God by throwing stones at those not pious enough, or not pious in my particular way, is far more sinful than anything mentioned in the comments. Perhaps we can debate without pretending any of us sits on God's throne.