Monday, June 4, 2012

40 Million Dollars To Loyola University Chicago

Michael Quinlan and Ronald McDonald
A former CEO of McDonald's Corp. has given Loyola University Chicago $40 million for a revamped business school, according to a published report Sunday. The donation from Michael Quinlan, who was head of the Oak Brook-based fast food chain for 11 years until 1998, is the largest gift the private university has received from an individual, according to the Chicago Tribune. The money means the Jesuit Catholic university can build a nine-story building for the business school at the university's downtown campus. The building will be named after Quinlan, who holds both undergraduate and master's degrees from Loyola. "When people ask me where did I go to college, I am very proud to tell them I am a two-time graduate of Loyola," Quinlan said. "It has given me more than I have given it." The donation was announced Saturday during an annual dinner at the university. Quinlan started working in a McDonald's mailroom as an 18-year-old Loyola student, and he eventually worked his way to the top of the fast food chain over the next 35 years, and later serving on the board of directors. Quinlan is credited with helping develop the Egg McMuffin. Quinlan, who received a full scholarship to Loyola, was the first in his family to graduate from college. In 2001 he was chairman of the university and head of the committee that chose the school's current president 
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Anonymous said...

I think the Jesuits should refuse to accept the money if they wish to continue hating on capitalism.

kate said...

This is the very same Michael Quinlan who ignored me time after time when I complained about a Jesuit sexual perp on the faculty of Loyola Chicago and how poorly the university handled it.

What do you do when a university poorly handles a complaint? Write to the board chair, in this case Michael Quinlan. I used the address he makes available through a national Jesuit association, and still does, but in 2010 he sent my mail back. In 2012, the same address is still listed as his address, so I wrote again. No reply.

It seems I have to go to Chicago and just stand there with a sign until he notices. "Michael Quinlan is the perp who ignores Jesuit sexual perps." -- or something like that.