Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Blind Leading The Blind

Pieter Breugel's "The Blind Leading the Blind"
Following Mercy Sr. Margaret Farley’s ten-minute address, which was greeted by a standing ovation, a number of the theologians present asked questions of their colleague, both expressing concern for her well-being and probing what broader significance the move against her might have for their future. Susan Ross, the chair of the department of theology at Loyola University Chicago who is expected to accede to the presidency of the CTSA Sunday morning, said in an interview Saturday that the event was an opportunity for those present to show their appreciation for Farley and to express concern for her. “[Farley]’s taught so many people, she’s influenced so many of us that I think people wanted to be able to talk about it,” said Ross. “And be able to, in one way or another, offer their support to Margaret…I think that there was a very basic kind of concern for her." Explaining how she saw the importance of the Friday night event, Ross continued: “And I think what was really moving about her presentation last night is how on the one hand she’s trying to balance her commitment as a Catholic, as a Sister of Mercy, as someone who loves the church, with her conviction that, as she said, 'People are suffering'  What she’s really trying to do is balancing on the one hand all of her love and passion for the church, with the other hand of the need to address the suffering of people in a way that speaks to their concrete reality.”
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"And He spoke also to them a similitude:

Can the blind lead the blind?

do they not both fall into the ditch?"
Luke 6:39


Sawyer said...

Yes, many theologians in the CTSA are blind. Lest the anonymous lurking Jesuit troll doubt my credentials to make such a statement, I have earned an S.T.L. and an M.A. in the sacred sciences. During my studies, I witnessed and heard dissidence being espoused at Catholic theological schools. America is far from Rome in more than one way. Sr. Farley's book is not, by any stretch of the imagination, a book of Catholic theology; it is a book that advocates dissidence and leads souls astray by suggesting -- nay, asserting -- that objective evil may be considered good, contrary to both divine revelation and constant and universal Church teaching.

Anonymous said...

Oh, an S.T.L. and an M.A.? Pretty fancy.

What you label "dissidence" others call "discernment." Your characterization of Sr. Farley's book is incorrect.

BTW, I love your use of "nay." It's rare to find anyone using such a pompous word in modern American English.

--Mr. Troll (but I'm not a Jesuit!)

Maria said...

Paul's second letter to the Corinthians.

"We are in difficulties on all sides but never concerned. We see no answer to our problems, but we never despair. We have been persecuted, but never deserted. We have been knocked down but never killed. Always wherever we may be we carry with us in our body the death of Jesus. So that the life of Jesus, too, may always be seen in our body. Indeed, while we are still alive, we are consigned to our death every day for the sake of Jesus, so that in our mortal flesh the life of Jesus may be openly revealed. So death is at work in us but life in you."

He is "with us until the end of time". Do not despair.

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We press on!

James said...

This is
OUR church not Rome - you will see !!

You can not stop what is happening
Vatican 3 is near

Clement said...

Dissidence ? Or waking up?

Smelling the coffee ?



These are words that come to mind

Clement said...

STL and an MA from what joke of a university ?

Sr Farley taught at Yale !!!

Anonymous said...

Some of you seem not very well acquainted with the Catechism of the Catholic Church, or else you don't believe in its teachings. Anyone not in union with Rome is not in union with Christ's Church. James and Clement, you sound like you should be on the board of the LCWR.

Anonymous said...

What do you mean by "in union"?

Anonymous said...

Yes, people are suffering, by indulging in all the sins that Sr Farley gives her blessing to. Those sins have consequences, especially for the children born into a society where adults value their pleasures more than their responsibilities. And don't forget all the millions--yes, millions--of babies who have been aborted, all in the name of sexual indulgence and freedom.
It's ironic that ultimately Sr Farley is peddling the same stuff that Playboy sells, though in a different form.

Anonymous said...

And don't forget all the millions--yes, millions--of babies who have been aborted,

What are you doing about this?

Maria said...

Don't miss this piece on our theologian of pink lipstick fame, and other sundry heresies...


Anonymous said...

George Weigel DOESN'T know much about theology.

Maria said...

But we don't need to be theologians to know our Catechism and to know right from wrong, my friend ;) My goodness, how would we ever get to Heaven if we were all theologians?

Anonymous said...

Pls. don't cite Weigel as a critic of an academic. Sr. F. wrote the book for academics--she was clear that it wasn't a statement of doctrine or for religious instruction.

Weigel is a middle-brow thinker who tells conservatives what they want to hear. His writings aren't original or challenging.

Anonymous said...

Originality isn't to be valued in writing as much as truth. The heretical sister's writing isn't true. Weigel's is. Did you even bother to read Weigel's column?

Let me get this straight: the phony magisterium of nuns may critique the genuine magisterium, but Weigel may not critique a book about theology? What happened to openness and free pursuit of all ideas and arguments that you champion?

Basically, you are of the mindset that criticisms of the Church's teaching are ipso facto true whereas criticisms of those who criticize the Church are ipso facto false. Your wells are poisoned with bias against the Church and against Christ.

Maria said...

Hi Mr. Anonymous @ 5:40 PM ;)

So, let's see if you can help a holpelessly low brow thinker ( who doesn't even aspire to becoming a middle brow thinker in her dreams) here , and explain to me how come this pink lipstick wearing smarty pants theologian doesn't seem to understand that the positions she holds are wholly antithetical to the faith, huh? Does this mean if you are smart you get to be unfaithful to Christ and His Church and it makes it all OK?

Anonymous said...

No, it means that I don't think much of Weigel's thinking in general and, more importantly, I don't think much of the arguments attacking Sr. F.

Just citing an article he wrote proves nothing.

Stop writing about lipstick.