Monday, June 25, 2012

Georgetown University On Low Return Degrees

If a starting salary of $40,000 is what it takes to overcome the high costs of going to college, you will want to know what degrees aren’t averaging the benchmark income. Georgetown University pulled together statistics on average starting salary for many popular degrees. Below are five degrees with average starting salaries that may not be worth paying the costs for college.
Social Work
It’s great that you want to go to work every day and help others, but keep in mind that the average high school graduate will likely earn more money in his lifetime. Social work has an average starting salary of $30,000. Even those with experience can expect to find jobs at only $40,000.
Elementary Teachers
Teaching elementary school is an excellent degree for employment. Recent college graduates have an unemployment rate of 4.8 percent. However, paying back your college loans might be a serious challenge. The average starting salary is only $33,000, and it’s not much better when you get experience. The average salary of an experienced teacher is $40,000.
Drama and Theater Arts
The riches and glamour of movie stars is not the reality of most college graduates with a drama and theater arts degree. Recent graduates can expect and average salary of $26,000 and an unemployment rate of 7.8 percent. With experience, however, majors can boost their salary to $45,000.
Family and Consumer Studies
Remember taking home economics in grade school? Family and consumer studies is a broad degree that explores how families interact in society, and home economics is one of the areas of study. While the degree might be practical, it only pays $30,000 per year for a college graduate and $43,000 for those with experience.
Anthropology and Archaeology
According to Georgetown’s statistics, it doesn’t pay well starting out as Indiana Jones. New graduates from degrees in anthropology and archaeology start earning at around $28,000. While starting salary is low, after a few years of experience, graduates in this field can earn up to $47,000. Unemployment for recent grads is very high at 10.5 percent.
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Anonymous said...

What are the statistics on Georgetown graduates who are faithfully practicing, orthodox Catholics?

Anonymous said...

Georgetown produces a good crop of grads who become priests. These Hoyas are educated-- Unlike their trade school counterparts at myopic seminaries .

Anonymous said...

Fellow Anony. at 12:57 p.m. is right: diocesan seminaries are the pits. They are intellectual wastelands that do not prepare men to be effective priests in the modern world.

Maria said...

"And the more educated people become, the more academically sophisticated their minds become ,through years of education, the more they had better keep their minds in humble submission to the Mind of Christ".

JSevant of God John Hardon SJ

Anonymous said...

"the more they had better keep their minds in humble submission to the Mind of Christ".

A useless assertion--is "humble submission" code for "dead from the neck up"?

Anonymous said...

Jesuit formation is hardly enlightened or faithful. Their formation centers are leftist, dissident echo chambers.

You want genuine, faithful, educated, reverent, intelligent, holy, humble, courageous, obedient priests? Check out the Norbertines.

Anonymous said...

Check out the Norbertines.

Great. I know a few--they were educated at Weston and JST. Nothing wrong w/them, or the Jesuits for that matter.

Maria said...

Anonymous at June 25, 2012 11:13 PM
You said: A useless assertion--is "humble submission" code for "dead from the neck up"?

Fr. Hardon sees it differently: "Let me go through the litany, scorn or contempt even, in the faithful following of Christ, but mind you, in the faithful following of Christ the Leader, the One who is inviting the whole human race to follow Him. The net result, on our part, of sincere detachment from creatures and corresponding attachment to Jesus Christ who Himself was scorned and condemned is deep, deep, deep humility. And a perfect synonym for this deep humility is interior humility, inside humility, in the mind and will. Humble people and only humble people are used by Christ to propagate His message of salvation to the world. **Let me repeat. Only humble people are used by Jesus Christ to propagate His message of salvation to the world.** And Christ knows who is humble and who isn’t. But don’t you dare for a moment suspect that humble people are, well, stupid people or that humble people are weak people. Oh, no. Humble people can be extraordinarily gifted people. Ah, and the more gifted they are, the more God will use them. Provided, that’s the proviso, provided they are really, sincerely, profoundly, interiorly humble."

Anonymous said...

More gibberish from Fr. H. He does love the word "humility" which seems to be code for "forget about forming your conscience."

Sawyer said...

Look at this from the Jesuit School of Theology of Santa Clara University:

Absurd. Yet the school proudly features this on its main Facebook page.

Jesus weeps, and so does St. Ignatius of Loyola.