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Archbishop J. Peter Sartain
A Jesuit priest who serves as pastor of a parish in the Archdiocese of Seattle has told National Public Radio that opposition to same-sex marriage is a denial of civil rights. Archbishop J. Peter Sartain has asked priests to collect signatures for a referendum on the State of Washington’s recent redefinition of marriage. In February, Gov. Christine Gregoire, a Catholic, signed into law a bill that legalized same-sex marriage in Washington.Among the dozen priests who have refused to permit signature collection is Father John Whitney of St. Joseph’s Parish in Seattle. “It's a denial of civil rights,” the Jesuit told National Public Radio. “I think civil marriage should be defended as something possible for all people. And I think the referendum is wrongheaded in that sense.”
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The Standard of Lucifer

“Consider the innumerable crowd of followers and ministers around Lucifer. Here are found united the sinners of all ages;- the spirits who first, even in Heaven, raised the standard of revolt against God, degraded beings, with whom is evil is become as a nature; all the men who made themselves the slaves of their passions and sins, --the proud, the impure, robbers, homicides, all the wicked men who at different times have startled the world by their crimes, and of whom there is not a single one who is not, in some way, an object of aversion and disgust. But why does Lucifer convoke these under his standard? For the most perfidious and cruel design that can be imagined; he wishes to seduce the whole human race, and after having seduced it, to drag it down to eternal misery.

Listen, in spirit to Lucifer addressing his ministers, and ordering them to lay snares on all sides for men, in order to their perdition. **”Come with us, let us lie in wait for blood, let us hide snares for the innocent without cause. Let us swallow him up alive like Hell. We shall find all precious substances; we shall fill our houses with spoils” (Prov. i.11-13). Remark his artifices, and the three ordinary degrees of temptation;--how, first he catches souls by the love of riches; next, how he throws them into the paths of ambition; then, from ambition to pride—a bottomless abyss, from whence all vices rise as from their fountain. See with what patience and active zeal the ministers of Lucifer execute the task
imposed upon them by their master, how they make everything conduce to the one end, --the ruin of souls ; defects of the understanding, inclinations of the heart, the character, the habits, the passions, the faults, the virtues even, and graces of God. Finally, contemplate the success of Hell in its enterprise;--how many fools are taken in these snares every day; how may blindly throw themselves in; how many who, not content to allow themselves to be seduced, seek also to seduce their brethren. Look on yourself. BE ASTONSHED at having given way so often and so easily to the temptations of the enemy; WEEP OVER YOUR FOLLOY and your past weaknesses, and RESOLVE TO BE WISER AND MORE COURAGEOUS the future.”

St Ignatius of Loyola

May God have mercy on the sons of Ignatius who now seek the ruin of souls and the destruction of our Holy Mother Church.

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Kudos to the Jesuit Priest !