Wednesday, January 12, 2011


In 1965 there were 5,277 Jesuit priests and 3,559 seminarians; 
in 2000 there were 3,172 priests and 389 seminarians.
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Anonymous said...

Because the Jesuits have lost their charism.

Anonymous said...

What charism? They were the Pope's Gestapo & carried out evil & godless acts against non-Catholics. We were happy to see the decline of Nazism & we are happy to see the decline of Jesuitism.

Florian from Buffalo said...

Because they replaced The Spiritual Exercises with Liberation Theology.

Anonymous said...

Spoken like a true Millerite!

TonyD said...

Anonymous 7:56,

I don't understand the "Millerite" allusion. I found them on Wikipedia, but I still don't understand the allusion.

Anonymous said...

This - and the discussions - wouldn't be fair without the numbers of priests then and now, which has also dropped.