Monday, January 17, 2011

Jesuit Cardinal Bea and Maria Valtorta

Cardinals Cushing and Bea
“Theologians and bishops have problems with supernatural phenomena,” he pointed out, recognizing the taboo-nature of the subject in many ecclesial circles. While this may be the case, the popular portrayal of Maria Valtorta's work, as being perceived negatively in the Church, is not fully accurate either. Pope Pius XII was a great supporter of Valtorta's writings, explaining: “Publish this work as it is. There is no need to give an opinion on its origin, whether it be extraordinary or not; whoever reads it will understand.” Other eminent Catholic leaders and intellectuals have been influential supporters of Valtorta's revelations after studying her writings, in addition to the former Pope. 
They include the Jesuit cardinal Augustine Bea, himself an ecumenical star at Vatican II, 
to Msgr. Hugo Lattanzi, a former dean of the Faculty of Theology at the Pontifical Lateran University, to Fr. Gabriel M. Roschini, the renowned Church Mariologist and philosopher, as well as Fr. Gabriele Allegra, famous for translating the entire Bible into Chinese. Fr. Allegra, who was the first Scriptural scholar to be beatified by Pope John Paul II in 2002 and is currently awaiting canonization, once wrote: “ I hold that the work of Valtorta demands a supernatural origin.”
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Daniel Latinus said...

I followed the link, and I was unable to find the article cited. Even a search at the destination didn't turn up the article.

What's more the place I did end up seemed to be a place that promotes and defends the highly questionable apparitions at Mudjegorje. I would not regard anything posted there as reliable.

Joseph Fromm said...

Dear Daniel,
The link is correct, the citation is from the last third. The purpose of the post was for the reader to explore the personality of Cardinal Bea. Maria Valtorta is not someone I have any real opinion on, however she seems interesting to say the least. Medjugorje, who knows how that will turn out? The outcome may not be decided in our generation.
Thanks for your readership and thoughtful comments.


Joe said...

This will not really have effect, I consider like this.

Te Deum said...

More information on Maria Valtorta and everything Catholic here: