Friday, January 21, 2011

Clovis, Charlemagne and St. Louis

The Baptism of Clovis I, King of the Franks by St. Remigius
Bad books are the most dangerous scourges to religion. Oh ! holy and divine religion, who art the foundation of all morality, as morality is the support of social order and governments, hast thou received greater respect from those bold corrupters of nations who, to use the words of St. John, have made all the earth to drink of the wine of their fornication. A vino ira fornicationis suo potavit omnes gentes.f Alas! my brethren, what a fresh source of affliction do we not open here !
How has the religion of Clovis and Charlemagne and St. Louis been extinguished amongst us ? What has befallen this sacred and most precious portion of the inheritance of our fathers ?        O France!
—thou who hast been so long faithful to thy God—thou who hast gloried for more than fourteen hundred years in the name of Catholic France
Link (here) to the portion of French Jesuit Abbe Mac Carthy, his homily is entitled, The Pernicious Effects of Bad Books contained in the book, Sermons of Abbe Mac Carthy, S.J.

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