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The Communist Mob Amused Itself By Throwing Stones At The Big Stone Crucifix

Colegio Nuestra Señora del Recuerdo in Charmartin
From the Milwaukee Journal dated March, 1931

The Jesuit headquarters was first attacked and burned, then the mob turned its attention to the church adjoining the headquarters and this was burned after it was sacked.  While the church was burning, members of the mob amused itself by throwing stones at the big stone cross. Every time a stone struck the cross the crowd cheered wildly. Many valuable historic documents were destroyed with Jesuit building.
         From there the mob surged to the new Carmelite monastery of St. Teresa in the Plaza Espana, near the former Royal Palace which was also burned, all of the monks escaped. Firemen only made feeble attempts to save the buildings and then were blocked by rioters. After the monastery was destroyed the rioters moved on the Jesuit seminary (Collegiate Church of San Isidro)  in the center of Madrid.  Gasoline was again poured on the woodwork, torches were put to the structure and the seminary and soon the college for priests, soon was a mass of flames.
        While the Jesuit seminary was still blazing the mob went onto the Franciscan school in the Cuatro Caminos and set that afire. Most of the monks were led out by the police.  The mob set on four who fled by a rear door, but they took to their heels and gained shelter in a nearby building.
           By this time other mobs were attacking numerous Catholic institutions, hurling stones and using brickbats and wielding iron bars to break doors and windows.  Other places set on fire were the Marist College in Bravo Murillo st... the Jesuit school (Colegio Nuestra Señora del Recuerdo) at Charmartin de la Rosa and the Salesianos church.
Link (here) to read the much longer account.
"Execution" of the Sacred Heart of Jesus by Communist militiamen at Cerro de los Ángeles near Madrid, on 7 August 1936, was the most infamous of the widespread desecration of religious property. The photograph in the London Daily Mail had the caption the "Spanish Reds' war on religion." Link (here)

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