Friday, January 21, 2011

Jesuits Sell Radio Station For $3,750,000.00

More than 400 people filled Presentation Theater to hear an explanation from USF President Father Stephen Privett about why the station was suddenly shut down.USF's president said he couldn't talk about the impending sale because the negotiations included non-disclosure terms. 
Privett added the radio station wasn't fulfilling the school's primary mission of educating students."We run a nursing school, we don't staff a hospital. We run a law school, we are not a law firm. We teach broadcasting, we are not fundamentally a radio station," explained Privett.
The station will continue online with its format of indie rock, foreign language and arts programming. But critics said that will not help listeners who don't have internet access. On Wednesday, the University of Southern California issued a statement saying it had purchased the rights to KUSF to air classical music. The selling price was $3.75 million.
Link (here) to the full article and watch the video of Fr. Privett, S.J. at KTVU

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TonyD said...

I often read that the best hospitals are teaching hospitals. So wouldn’t there be some logic to being able to create expertise by exposure to actual practice?

But more importantly, this would facilitate Jesuit owned and run companies -- companies that try to live God’s values and act as a role model for good citizenship. We can change the world with such role models.