Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Canadian Jesuit Missionaries Work Is Not Forgotten

A 1940's-50's era A.C.R. Train
In 1936, the late Bishop Ralph H. Dignan establishes the parish of St. Margaret Mary at Michipicoten River with Missions at Gold Park, Wawa, Hawk Junction, and Goudreau with its first Pastor, Reverend H.G. Halpin. 
Prior to this the Jesuit missionaries would travel by the A.C.R. train to celebrate the mass and sacraments. 
Later, the church at Parkhill was moved to Wawa and served as the local church until the St. Monica’s was erected in 1964. The 75th Anniversary will be celebrated the week of September 11-18, 2011. A committee has been established and is working on the program for the special event.
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