Monday, January 31, 2011

Top Catholic Blogs 118 Through 140: This Blog Is Rated 126 Out Of 200

This list is based on Google Reader subscribers only. I imagine that this is a good indicator of a blog’s popularity compared to other blogs, but it does not measure actual traffic to the site or the total number of subscribers across different feed readers. Furthermore, it doesn’t gauge a blog’s current popularity as much as its popularity over the full history of the blog.
Link (here) to Eric Sammons full explination of how he put the list together.

(118) Sub Tuum: 209
(119) Saint Louis Catholic: 203
(119) USCCB Media Blog: 203
(121) A Catholic Mom in Hawaii: 202
(122) The Western Confucian: 196
(123) Tales from the Bonny Blue House: 195
(124) Abbey Roads: 193
(125) House Art Journal: 192
(126) Building Cathedrals: 191
(126) Good Jesuit, Bad Jesuit: 191
(126) The Philosopher Mom: 191
(129) Nunblog: 187
(130) A Catholic Life: 186
(131) Da Mihi Animas: 185
(132) Bonfire of the Vanities: 184
(132) The Deacon's Bench: 184
(132) A Concord Pastor Comments: 184
(132) Totus Tuus Family & Catholic Homeschool: 184
(136) Auntie Joanna Writes: 183
(136) Just Thomism: 183
(138) Vivificat: 182
(139) Secretum Meum Mihi: 179
(140) The Anchoress: 178

Link (here) to the full list at Eric Sammons website


Maria said...

Good Jesuit Bad Jesuit and Abbbey Roads should be at the top of the list...

Anonymous said...

You cover the best of what the Jesuits are. You are also one of the few places where readers can get information on Jesuit sexual abuse.

For that alone, you a worthy of the Top 200.

P.S. Your website was where I first learned that the Jesuits who abused me had been brought to light. That news ended years of anguish & self-doubt. God bless you.

Maria said...

Anonymous: I am so sorry for the pain you have suffered. You are so right. News of sexual abuse the Jesuits have inflicted is is scarce. You will never read about it at America Magazine--though they have have plenty of time on their hands to attack the Church...