Monday, January 24, 2011

The controversial  “Our job as educators and as priests is not to bring God to people, or even to bring people to God." Georgetown video (here) , (here) , (here) and (here)


TonyD said...

A comment from Fr. Robert Ballecer SJ on the third link (cardinalnewmansociety blog):

“Just because somebody isn’t leading somebody to God in that manner that YOU prefer… that doesn’t mean he isn’t leading them to God.”

This points out that there are many ways to serve God. Some serve God outside the priesthood, and some serve God outside the Church. And one way to help some people move closer to God is through asking questions.

Having said that, I do think that any priest does have an obligation to try to move people closer to God. And just as the public should recognize that there are many ways to move people closer to God, the University should recognize that there are many other ways to move people closer to God.

Maria said...

No surprise here. The question I now ask, every time I see these posts, is: why are these so called Jesuit priests not silenced. It is akin to Carol Keehan. We are rightly outraged; however, those of her ilk, like the these Jesuits, are never silenced, never publicly censured as they should be for the good of the faithful. The world has not become the cesspool of sin that it is, at Catholic universities and hospitals, without the imprimatur of the Church.

Anonymous said...

Did you actually watch the whole clip? It's a wonderful statement on the important mission of helping young people "ask the right questions."

Why do you guys fear a well-informed faith that is intellectually and spiritually rigorous?