Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Subject: Fr. James Martin, S.J.

Raymond Arroyo, a popular host at the conservative Eternal Word Television Network, concedes, "I think his cultural writing is interesting and has its place," while noting that "some have offered that at times the attempt to be relevant has caused his magazine to muddle and nuance church teaching."
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Maria Byrd said...

Fr. Martin SJ has a new book out: The Jesuit Guide to Almost Everything,or what I like to describe as, The Jesuit Guide to Almost Everything But Obedience. Not by accident does Fr. Martin treat as his subjects the lives of the Saints. The Saints are intended to provide cover for what can only be understood as homosexual activism and the promotion of the "gay culture". Invoking the names of the Saints to provide cover for his dissent? I don't know what could possibly be more morally reprensible. Not by accident is Fr. Martin the "culture editor" at America Magazine. His mission is to shape the "culture" of the Church by way of indoctrinating the unsuspecting with views antithetical to the teachings of the Church. I am reminded of boys who throw firecrackers and then run lest they be caught. An example of this is his recent post about the lesbian couple whose child was denied admission to a parochial school. He asks these questions:

The parish and archdiocese are within their rights not to admit children from families that are "in open discord with Catholic teaching in areas of faith and morals." So do the same rules apply to a child of parents who in similar discord? That is, the child of a single, divorced parent? To a child of divorced and remarried parents? To a child of a single, unmarried mother? To a child of a parent who commits adultery? To a child of a parent who uses birth control? To a child of a parent who steals from his company? To a child of a parent who fails to forgive his neighbor? To a child of a parent who fails to care for the poor? To a child of any parent who sins? They too would be in "open discord."

Within short order of posting such a piece, the reader in inevitably drawn to a post regarding the Saints, in this case, we have a long post about his new book, with a picture of St. Ignatius. Most people do not seem on to the game. Inarguably, Fr. Martin is charming, witty,engaging and most likable, and this is precisely what renders him particuarly dangerous. His dissent leads others into sin. He confirms others in their sin. Someone needs to call this by its name: scandal. And someone needs to reign him in.

TonyD said...

Did I miss something? Or does the Church now claim that any teaching is absolute -- and not to be weighed against any other value?

Or perhaps I misread the Bible - and the "Flaws of Man" expressed by Christ don't apply to any Church teaching? Church executives somehow became exempt? Is that the current interpretation of "papal infallibility"?

Why wouldn't dissent be provided "cover" by Saints, Christ, and even the Church itself?

Yes, I do worry about proximity to sin. And I worry about scandal in the name of the Church.

Church teachings cannot replace judgment.