Saturday, March 13, 2010

Everything About Him

Jesus Christ is the model for all of us.  Everything about Him, everything He does is a lesson for us in how we may be complete as human beings and as subjects to the Divine King.  Just as Mary kept Jesus’ words and deeds as material for a holy pondering in her heart, we too are to do the same.  While we are often mesmerized by the greatest of His deeds recounted in the four Gospels, perhaps the most instructive for our everyday lives are those everyday deeds that Jesus took upon Himself as a model of perfect humanity.  We must let this hidden life of our King impress upon our hearts deeply those lessons which we so often forget in the hustle and bustle of our lives.  Too often we are centered on something other than living as a child of God.
Link (here) to read the post of John Brown, S.J., John is a scholastic of the New Orleans Province you will find his post at the Jesuit group blog entitled the Spiritual Exercises blog.

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TonyD said...

Thanks. I enjoyed reading this post.

Still, I find myself somewhat troubled by it.

Like most readers of this blog, I often try to imagine how Jesus would react to particular situations.

So why, then, would this post trouble me? Perhaps it is all the conjecture in the cited article -- conjecture about how Mary felt, conjecture about their home environment, conjecture about the appropriateness of cultivating a particular feeling (for anyone?), and especially conjecture about Jesus' attitude toward obedience -- without understanding the deeper context of such obedience.

I'm not sure about the constructiveness of such conjecture. For my part, when I found myself called, I had to overcome such "idealizations" of God. And now, when I read this, I worry that others may be poorly served by this idealization of a difficult situation.