Saturday, March 20, 2010

Holy Week And Easter Break

I am taking a little time off,  
I will return to active blogging on Divine Mercy Sunday April 11th. 

These are a few Jesuit sites of note



Anonymous said...

Sickening though much Jesuit news is, I hope you will resume your activity in holding up a mirror to the face of the Society after Easter. You have a prophetic vocation to do so, Joseph. I expect you have read that Ursula Raue, the lawyer to the German Jesuit Province, has knowledge of 160 suspected cases of child abuse by Jesuits during the last fifty years. The world needs to know more if the Order is to be cleansed. Perhaps at last this will puncture Jesuit complacency.

Joseph Fromm said...

Many Jesuits visit this site to find out whats going on, some Jesuits have thanked me for the work I do. Those thanks have kept me going. I try to make it an interesting blend of news and other interesting subject material. I will continue in that manner after spring break. Thank you to the 5,000 or so reoccurring monthly readers who visit this site.

Anonymous said...

I am quite sad that there has not been more outrage or calls for accountability among the many Jesuit supporters out there. I am at a loss myself about what to do: withold donations? pray? what else? WHAT ELSE? Nothing seems to change. Strike that. It keeps getting worse? And there is no accountability, no excommunications, not jail time, no nothing. How much more of this must the Catholic faithful take?!?

Anonymous said...

There is a dividing line within the Jesuit order between those whom have concretely attached themselves to the Spiritual Exercises and believe that a supernatural experience between St. Ignatius of Loyola and Jesus Christ happened at Manresa, and those Jesuits who don't. The Spiritual Exercises must be taken as a whole, with each portion prayerfully interacting with each other. Until there is a numerical superiority of Jesuits who have concretely attached themselves to the Spiritual Exercises, nothing will change.

Jason P.

Washington, D.C.