Thursday, March 18, 2010

I Will Serve Under The Banner Of Jesus Christ

This is the Christian battle cry, it is the simple decision one must choose at every crossroad of ones life. Jesuit Deacon Kevin Dyer, S.J. (has posted on St. Ignatius' spiritual exercise, The Two Standards. Here is an excerpt from Deacon Kevin's post. 
St. Ignatius—the former soldier—was particularly sensitive to the constant battle being waged within the world between the God who created us with dignity and the forces of evil which look to pervert that dignity to selfish ends.  Human beings either praise, reverence, and serve God—thus becoming who they were created to be—or they follow a lie and begin to break themselves down in the core of their being.  In this meditation we imagine these opposed paths of life as two armies encamped against each other, led by Christ on one hand, and Satan, the prince of lies, on the other.  The grace we are seeking is first, a knowledge of Satan’s ways so that we can guard against them, and second, a knowledge of Christ’s so that we can more easily follow His path.
Link (here) to read the full post at The Spiritual Exercises Blog.
Painting of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ by Meister von Meßkirch

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